Gielisch Conference

The annual Gielisch Conference provides insights into a range of topics on various lines of business to a German-speaking audience of clients, industry professionals and the interested public. Lectures on current issues are held by research and industry specialists and supplemented with specific insurance business aspects.

Sharing our employees' knowledge both within and outside the company forms an essential part of our corporate culture. The Gielisch Conference offers attendants an opportunity to take an active part in building this network of knowledge, and to share our professional experience.



The first Gielisch Marine Conference in 2014 focused on the topic area "cargo securement, loss prevention, and claims handling".

In 2015, the Gielisch Marine Conference featured the topics "inland waterway traffic" and "carriage of goods".

The Gielisch Marine Conference 2016  was dedicated to topics related to hull claims, carriage of dangerous goods and liquid cargo, and temperature controlled shipping. 

2017 Gielisch Marine Conference focused on international transports.