Film TV Media

Our specialists handle national and international claims associated with the production of feature films and documentaries, TV dramas, TV series, advertisement films and photo productions. 

Areas of expertise

  • film negatives and positives - all analogue and digital formats, including DV and HD
  • image / sound / data carriers
  • data processing media
  • cast non-appearance
  • equipment
  • props, sets and wardrobe
  • extra expense
  • completion bonds
  • film and media liability
  • movie theatre cover including business interruption losses


Assessment of Damages, Claims Management Services

  • cause investigations 
  • claims validation
  • the Insured's obligations prior to and after occurrence of an insured event
  • appraisal and calculation of indemnification
  • claims handling assistance
  • coordination of loss mitigation measures
  • assessment of recovery options

Risk Management Services 

  • film project monitoring services for film boards and film funding institutions
  • completion bond monitoring
  • pre-risk inspection of filming locations under aspects of liability coverage