Technical Insurance

Machinery damage

Experienced and competent mechanical, process and electrical engineers provide in-depth support in your settlement matters. We assess the cause and amount of loss and evaluate damages from a technical point of view.

In our reports, we differentiate between wear and tear and actual damage and calculate the reinstatement costs. If required, we monitor repair processes and identify works that are not subject to indemnification. For additional examinations - such as material testing - we cooperate with approved materials testing agencies.

Areas of expertise

  •  machinery and plant engineering
  • construction, forest and agricultural vehicles
  • electrical and electronic systems and devices, including the assessment of software losses, if applicable
  • medical technology
  • conventional energy engineering as well as renewable energies

On your behalf we take care of:

  •  the complete claims management
  • the assessment of the cause of damage and amount of loss
  • the loss mitigation measures

Claims specialists

  • mechanical engineers
  • industrial engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • automotive engineers
  • wind energy specialist engineers
  • business graduates




  • automotive engineers
  • wind energy specialist engineers
  • business graduates

Assembly-related damage

The variety of objects to be assembled is rather manifold. The damages that can occur during delivery and installation until their acceptance are most diverse: damages during erection and start-up, damages due to force majeure, etc.

More than 70 loss adjusters operate in many different areas enabling us to provide the appropriate expertise in accordance with the requirements of the individual types of claims.  In the event of major losses, we set up interdisciplinary project teams from our pool of experts with a single point of contact.

Construction works

Construction projects (new buildings or existing structures) are often accompanied by a multitude of unpredictable risks and perils, such as weather conditions, vandalism, property damage by unknown third parties.
Our building experts assess and evaluate those damages within the meaning of construction all risks insurances for contractor services and new buildings (ABU/ABN) as well as the general terms and conditions of construction all risks insurances (ABBL) 2018. In the case of insured events, we differentiate between covered and non-covered property / risks and perils on your behalf and assess the extent and amount of potential indemnification.

Areas of expertise (Kopie 1)

  • construction, civil and structural engineering
  • damages as a result of weather conditions
  • vandalism, theft
    buildings, including architectural services and structural analysis

On your behalf we take care of:

  • thorough investigations into the circumstances and extent of loss
  • cause investigations
  • calculation of loss

  • proactive claims management, including loss mitigation measures
  • evaluation of extra costs / business interruption losses as a result of construction delays

Claims specialists

  • civil engineers
  • architects