Event cancellation and special risks

We assess domestic and international losses arising out of the cancellation or interruption of covered events. Our activities in this field involve all types of major events like concerts, tours, open-air events, sporting events, trade shows, and exhibitions. 

Areas of expertise

  • event cancellation
  • non-appearance
  • equipment
  • property damage 
  • non-availability of venue
  • shortfall, over-redemption, and other special risks
  • promotions and lotteries


Assessment of Damages, Claims Management Services

  • verification of the claimed cancellation causes
  • review of the limits of indemnity
  • the Insured's obligations prior to and after occurrence of an insured event
  • appraisal and calculation of indemnification
  • claims handling assistance
  • coordination of loss mitigation measures
  • assessment of recovery options

Risk Management Services

  • development of performance concepts and feasibility studies for promotions, lotteries and other over-redemption portfolios
  • pre-risk surveys and venue inspections in preparation for an event
  • event monitoring for insurers