Our expertise dates back to the times of Carl Gielisch, who managed the company from 1960 until 1990, and who handled fine art claims for major museums, art galleries and art collectors. Following in his father's footsteps at an early age, Claus Gielisch has acquired over 25 years' experience in the assessment of damaged artwork. He is officially appointed and sworn by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an expert in the assessment of damaged artwork. Furthermore two fine art surveyors are handling national and international fine art losses.

Assessment of Damages, Claims Management Services

  • verifying the circumstances of a loss incident
  • cause investigations
  • assessment of quantum
  • recommendations for qualified art restoration contractors
  • management of the restoration process
  • evaluation of artworks
  • assessment of depreciation in value
  • final loss assessment
  • coordination of measures required as part of the claims management process
  • evaluation of artworks irrespective of a loss incident


Claus Gielisch

Publicly Appointed and Sworn Expert in the Assessment and Evaluation of Damages to Contemporary Art Objects

Phone +49 211 13806-22

Dr. Alexandra Schües

Phone +49 151 52905164

Martina Janzen

Phone +49 211 13806-83