We strive to deliver consistent superior quality service. Accordingly, we provide regular training to our surveyors and loss adjusters, and have developed internal guidelines to be followed in our activities. In addition, our reports are subjected to internal and external quality checks.

Our reports have a clear and consistent format. Using predefined templates, we facilitate quick identification of essential information, helping our clients to reduce claims processing times. We shall of course be glad to modify our reporting format to meet a client's special requirements.

We have put in place a clearly-defined and reliable surveying and claims handling schedule. 

Order Confirmation

  • within 24 hours, by email
  • mention of the surveyor/loss adjuster and the date of survey/site visit, if possible

First Advice of Loss

  • first advice by phone immediately after the first survey/site inspection, if required
  • written advice within three working days at the latest after the survey or first claim meeting

Detailed Preliminary Report

  • within four weeks after the survey/site visit, and immediately in case of major losses (exceeding 100,000 Euro)

Status Updates

  • for clarification of basic issues (regarding coverage, liability, etc.)
  • for notification of major changes, e.g. in the reserve or assessment of cause
  • automatically every four weeks, unless major developments require a briefer interval

Final Report

  • conclusive presentation of the findings established (indemnifiable loss), including all loss-related documents (contracts, invoices, etc.)