Our investigations form the basis for efficient and solution-oriented claims handling. We place particular emphasis on proactive claims management and comprehensive claims coordination to help stakeholders reduce downtime and mitigate damage.

  • engineers specialising in wind power technology
  • mechanical engineers
  • civil engineeers
  • industrial engineers
  • logistics professionals and nautical science graduates
  • business graduates

Claims Investigations

  • investigations into the circumstances and cause of loss
  • assessing the extent of damage
  • proactive claims management aimed at mitigating the loss
  • assessment of repair options
  • calculation of loss, recommendation for loss reserve where required
  • revenue loss calculation

Loss Prevention

  • loss prevention consulting services regarding marine risks
  • transport packaging consultancy
  • load and stow surveys covering all modes of transport
  • marine and storage risk assessment



Alexander Gottlieb

Industrial Engineer, VDI Specialist for Windenergy Engineering

Phone +49 211 13806-85