Hull Damage

Our surveyors are appointed by insurers, brokers, shipping lines, shipowners, charterers, terminal operators, transportation providers and other logistics contractors to assess damages to ship structures (hulls), machinery and any related technical equipment.  We manage claims filed against shipowners in respect of environmental damage or cargo losses, holding surveys and coordinating all appropriate measures.
Where emergency action is required after an average incident, we liaise with all parties involved and coordinate measures to recover the vessel and cargo. All measures are overseen and managed on site by our surveyors. In the event of major average incidents (sinking incidents etc.), we negotiate recovery contracts and oversee the entire recovery operations.

In addition to hull and machinery surveys, we offer comprehensive risk management services and provide value expertise reports for all types of vessels and floating structures under technical as well as commercial aspects.
We handle average incidents and assess damages involving ocean-going and inland vessels, yachts, motorboats, and sailboats across all navigable rivers and canals in Western and Eastern Europe.


Surveys, Average Adjusting, Technical and Nautical Services

  • investigations into the circumstances and extent of loss
  • cause investigations
  • calculation of loss
  • execution of repair tenders, review of quotations, monitoring of the repair works and the progress of repairs
  • P&I claims management: handling claims against the shipping line and crew in respect of cargo damage, personal injury, or environmental damage
  • expert witness report services
  • intervention after an average incident: immediate arrangement, coordination and management of all salvage and recovery operations in compliance with particular or general average rules
  • handling of general average losses: declaration of general average, loss mitigation measures, withdrawal of reserve, issue of general average statement, collection of general average contributions payable by the vessel and cargo parties
  • salvage sale of damaged cargo
  • advice on responsibility/liability issues, nautical reports
  • arrangements of any legal steps required, like a master's letter of protest or proceedings for the preservation of evidence, in consultation with the respective interests
  • external specialists and laboratories are engaged as appropriate

Risk Management Services

  • cargo securement and stowage 
  • measurement of cargoes
  • hold inspections
  • condition reports
  • risk assessment services
  • value expertise services
  • analysis of high-frequency claims and loss prevention concepts

Claims specialists

  • engineers holding degrees in shipbuilding and nautical sciences
  • average agents