We offer claims adjusting, surveying and reporting services across all industrial, commercial and personal lines of property insurance for all classical types of risks, including natural disaster cover and all-risk policies. We service insurers, insurance brokers, as well as industrial and commercial clients. For complex claims, we assemble a team of in-house specialists from various fields according to the respective coverage items.

Areas of expertise

  • buildings, including architectural services and structural analysis
  • technical & commercial equipment
  • business interruption
  • stock


Surveys and Loss Adjusting

  • thorough investigations into the circumstances and extent of loss
  • cause investigations, engaging external specialists as appropriate
  • calculation of loss applying the terms of the policy
  • recommendation of a loss reserve
  • assessment of replacement values regarding property and business interruption losses
  • proactive claims management, including loss mitigation measures
  • coordination of damage restoration work
  • cooperation with external specialists and forensic experts
  • loss adjusting services under international policies 

Risk Management Services

  • questionnaire-based pre-risk surveys and risk assessment services
  • assessment of insured values

Claims specialists

  • architects
  • mechanical engineers
  • industrial engineers
  • business graduates


  • civil engineers
  • mould and moisture damage experts
  • insurance professionals
  • lawyers